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H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco gives a speech at the Imperial College in London

Speech of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco at the Imperial College in London.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco has been invited to give a speech on the occasion of the Annual lecture of the Grantham Institute at the Imperial College. He was accompanied by H.E. Mrs Evelyne Genta and H.E. Mr Fautrier. 

The Grantham Institute was founded in 2007 at the Imperial College in order to provide a center of excellence for research and education on climate change. Today, the Grantham Institute is established as an authority on climate and environmental science. Always driving discovery forward, encouraging innovation and sharing academic knowledge, the Institute’s aim is to strive for a sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon society and looks ahead to challenges the next ten years could bring.

H.E. Mr Bernard FAUTRIER, H.S.H. Prince Albert II and H.E. Mrs Evelyne GENTA

Professor Alice Gast, the President of Imperial College, welcomed H.S.H. Prince Albert and gave Him a tour of the College and its data room. This was then followed by the beginning of the conference which started with an introduction made by Sir Brian Hoskins, the President of the Grantham Institute, in the presence of 700 guests. H.S.H. Prince Albert’s speech, streamed live on the internet, is one of the major events of the Institute’s 10 year anniversary program. The presentation of His Highness was entitled ‘Climate change: a threat to the oceans. The Ocean: a chance for the climate’.

H.S.H. Prince Albert started by reminding us that the Ocean covers two thirds of the world’s surface. Ever more often, our development occurs in coastal areas, on the seas and depends on marine resources. His Highness highlighted that the Ocean plays a key role in balancing the weather and climates of our Planet as protection of the oceans and prevention of climate change go hand in hand. H.S.H. Prince Albert mentioned that plastic pollution of the Ocean is a major issue and recognized the UK as a forerunner in the protection and reduction of threats to marine protected areas. The blue economy must thus become a priority. His Highness added that the Ocean is now endangered and that it is our duty to save our planet by implementing a sustainable form of development in order to protect our seas and thus preserve their wealth. H.S.H. Prince Albert called for urgent actions by making it our responsibility now to work together in order to find a global solution to save our future. 

His Highness attended a cocktail thereafter where He was able to discuss with researchers who introduced Him to their projects; He also met four Monegasque students of the University. H.S.H. Prince Albert then attended a Private dinner at Professor Gast’s home with H.E. Mrs Evelyne Genta and H.E. Mr Fautrier. The other guests of the dinner were scientists from the medical, ocean-related and conservation fields such as Sir Brian Hoskins, Professors Joanna Haigh and Martin Siegert, Joint Directors of the Grantham Institute as well as Professor Alice Gast and her husband, Dr Bradley Askins.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II meets the researchers and students.

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