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A speech at the headquarters of Savills UK

The Ambassador attended the headquarters of Savills UK where she gave a speech to promote the Principality to individuals interested in relocating as well as tax advisors and professionals from the property and financial sectors.

Savills is a renowned estate agency with branches all over the world which dominates the property market in Monaco. Representatives of Moore Stephens, a prestigious tax advisory firm, were also present. Established in Monaco for more than 50 years, Moore Stephens is an expert in international business specialising in tax advice, audit and assurance.

In her speech H.E. Mrs Genta talked about the workings of the Monegasque economy by explaining how the government had implemented an active policy of transparency of the financial and banking centers.  She also mentioned the different aspects of the Principality’s appeal and the necessary requirements for becoming a resident. The recent changes of British regulations were also mentioned as these might play against some residents who hadn’t been domiciled in the United Kingdom yet. For this reason, Monaco offers the easiest option in terms of resettlement and is an excellent environment for asset management, being perfectly in line with the recommendations of the OECD and international regulations. H.E. Mrs Genta specified that it is now essential that new residents spend at least 6 months of the year in the Principality. The Ambassador finally highlighted that new buildings and new developments on the sea are being built at the moment making Monaco the perfect welcoming space for new residents and offering them an unrivalled quality of life.

The representatives of Savills also shared their knowledge on the Monegasque property market through several presentations and the delegates of Moore Stephens gave a presentation on taxation.

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