The Embassy

Monaco Embassy to United Kingdom


The Embassy of Monaco for the United Kingdom incorporates three organisations central to the core of Monaco’s vitality, giving the Principality comprehensive representation throughout the UK :

As a continuously innovative, culturally rich and developing country, Monaco wishes to engage with international community more freely and showcase its great heritage, diversity and wide-ranging expertise to the world.

Through communicating and acting abroad, Monaco can present all its facets, expanding relationships and quantifying its future in the process.

The Embassy’s missions

  • To build a bridge and create effective communication between the UK and Monaco for visitors, workers and investors – giving access to relevant information and to useful procedures
  • To tighten diplomatic relations between the UK and Monaco and to strengthen judicial co-operation with the UK’s Foreign Office and Home Office
  • To develop artistic and cultural partnerships between Monaco and the UK
  • To support the missions of H.S.H. Prince Albert II in matters of Environment through the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (UK),
  • To promote joint activities between the different UK and Monaco charitable associations
  • To promote all the other aspects of Monaco and to help the British public get a truer perception of the Principality
  • To ably assist individuals and families interested in relocating to Monaco