The United Kingdom and Monaco

The Principality has long held a unique bond with the UK. We are very close geographically and almost 15% of those living and working in Monaco are British. It is important to allow that special relationship to thrive by building bridges between the London and Monegasque communities. In return we have seen record numbers of new people, including young families, registering an interest in moving to the Principality and bringing their business with them.

In 2008, our Chamber for Economic Development signed a co-operation agreement with the London Chamber of Commerce.

In January 2015, the United Kingdom and the Principality of Monaco have signed an agreement on exchanging information for tax purposes in accordance with the OECD template.

The Agreement recognises the mutual commitment of the two States to implementing financial regulation systems which satisfy the highest international standards in order to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and other financial and tax offences.

More information about the 32 tax agreements signed by Monaco can be found here Tax-agreements-signed-by-Monaco.