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Living in the UK


For stays exceeding six month or if you intend to work in the United Kingdom, a visa is required. The project must be prepared before departure and in strict compliance with the immigration rules of the country.

You will find all the necessary information according to the planned project on www.gov.uk  .

Visa to study in the United Kingdom

Visa applications are dealt with by the British Embassy in Paris. Applications are made via www.gov.uk .

As a student and for any educational programme lasting more than 6 months, you must apply for a Visa TIER-4 « Student » .

Requirements for this visa may vary depending on the level of the planned course. You should therefore refer to the « Guidance on application for UK visa as Tier 4 student  ».

At the end of this online procedure, you get an appointment with the « Visa application centre  » in Paris.

Youth Mobility Scheme

Young Monegasques between the ages of 18-30 wishing to complete an internship or to work in the UK can apply for the TIER-5 "Youth Mobility Scheme- YMS" visa.
Go to the page YMS -Young Monegasque citizens in the UK

Visa applications are dealt with by the British Embassy in Paris. Applications are made via www.gov.uk .

This visa is only issued once and for a maximum duration of 24 months to those who have not previously held a UK work permit.

Find out all the information about this visa on the site www.gov.uk  .

Inform the Monegasque authorities

When you make a visa application, you are invited to inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation who can assist you in case of difficulties.

Please contact :
Mr Alexandre JAHLAN
(+377) 98 98 44 33

If you remain in the United Kingdom for non-touristic purposes you are invited to give your contact email and address in the UK to the Embassy of Monaco in order to enable it to follow the progress of young Monegasque students.


Monaco Embassy to United Kingdom

7, Upper Grosvenor Street
W1K 2LX Londres
United Kingdom

Phone Number : (+44) 207 318 1081
Fax Number : (+44) 207 493 4563
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